to bring: hope, restoration and revive. To remember the forgotten. To journey life together.

   Photography by: Laureen Baker


 Photography by: Laureen Baker

Love on the Move is a grass roots Christian missions organization founded in 2012. It was born out of a deeply-known calling  from the Lord. Our vision is to display God's great love through human acts for the purpose of making disciples of Jesus among Native Americans and Indigenous tribes. 

In 2012, Love on the Move began ministering to the Navajo tribe in Northwestern New Mexico affecting Navajo chapters including: Counselor, Nageezi, Heurfano, Ojo Encino, Pueblo Pintada and other communities.  Since the beginning, we have taught Bible studies, led worship services, preached the gospel, prayed with many to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, gave out Navajo Bibles, served in evangelistic outreaches and more. We also reached out through provision of humanitarian aide - food, clothing, toiletry items, hygiene products, toys, etc.  

Love on the Move has served in churches and with missions organizations. We have reached out to all walks of life. We believe that God does not desire that anyone be lost.  We seek to show others that we are no better than our fellow man, but it is only through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ in our hearts that we too have been changed.  "For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God." Ephesians 2:8. 

After serving in several evangelistic outreaches, we began to notice needs that were not being met. We noticed many abandoned churches on the reservation and heard countless stories of the forgotten mission field - Native America. People began asking us for not just Bible studies, but more in depth teachings. Those asking were hungry for the Word of God for themselves and for their families and friends.  They wanted to learn how to minister.  Some even wanted to become missionaries. However, we also noticed that many Navajo are deeply connected with their families and Navajo-land (Diné Bí Kéyah).  For a Navajo to travel far away for Bible College, it would be quite difficult. There would be numerous cultural differences experienced that might hinder their studies.  This is when the idea of bringing a Bible College to the Navajo people was birthed in our hearts.  Right now, Love on the Move is working toward establishing two campus locations on the reservation for a Bible College through the Native American Initiative project established by Geobound Ministries, which is in partnership with Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, Texas. 

 As we have begun working toward meeting the need for more in depth Biblical study and training in ministry on the reservation, we found that some of our future applicants would not meet the requirements to apply.  They have not received their high school diploma.  Some have tried studying and testing for their GED, but few have been successful.  With a background in Christian education, the Baker family felt there must be a way to meet this need.  And so, Love on the Move is working toward beginning a "second chance education" program to assist those needing just that, a second chance, at finishing their high school career. We anticipate the ability to be a fully accredited program within the next two and a half years. 

We also see an enormous necessity to continue reaching out through the provision of humanitarian relief - being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Along with all this, Love on the Move plans to continue on with evangelistic outreaches - Christmas, Easter, youth outreaches, Vacation Bible Schools and more to affect the Navajo Nation for the Lord.

The Baker family is currently traveling the United States to gain the much needed prayer and financial support and resources to continue in ministry as a grass roots Christian missions organization and to expand in the areas of ministry which have been mentioned above.   If you are interested in having the Bakers speak with your church, Pastor, Missions Department, small group, or if you are interested, personally, in supporting them in some way (every prayer and every donation helps), please feel free to connect with them by phone at 214-477-4286 or by email.

  Photography by: Erin Baker


Photography by: Erin Baker